Bison Completes



DaPlug keeps you rollin without breaking Da Bank!!!

These Completes come with a buttery, comfy feel deck and matching trucks and wheels. Don't let the price fool you…these Completes provide everything you need to focus on your tricks and not on your wallet.

Blank decks come in seven different colors (deck color chosen at random. You may leave a note requesting a specific color. Color requests will be granted based on availability).

Package also includes: trucks, wheels, foam grip, mounting hardware, and tool.

Bison Completes will now include two kingpin locknuts and a set of official Bison Bushings (bushing color will be chosen at random).

Upgrade your complete with a Mezcal heat wrap graphic for the bottom ply, or spruce up the top ply with a graphic and some Ducky grip for a truly unique look and feel.

These Completes come in simple packaging to pass the savings on to you. Pay for the fun, and not the packaging 😉



  • Bison Complete 100%